After months of patient and devoted work of highly professional musicians and my friends, this ethno-urban remplissage was created, as a result of professor Miodrag Vasiljevic, songs that I heard as a child, and melodies preserved in lasting records of Radio Belgrade`s sound archives.
         This is a fusion, a simple union of archaic and modern, our own and foreign both in the manner of singing and in the selection of musical instruments, alteration of simple, and, for other nations, untypical mixed rhythms, juxtaposition of musicologically familiar harmonic solutions and unexpected alternations but with absolute respect for the traditional rules of musicial expression, corresponding the area where the songs were created.
         This is just an attempt at representing different types of melodies of neighboring nations, but primarily the result of a need for our traditional songs to be preserved as the most precious archeological treasure of this region and a testimony to our existence.
Released: 2001
Homolje mountain, Serbia
Trad. - Pirot, Serbia; Memo: prof. Borivoje Popovic
Trad. – Macedonia
Traditional Macedonia, sang in three voices round of neutral syllable
Trad. - Romania
Trad. – Kosovo, Velika Hoca, Serbia
Trad. Serbia; Memo: Petar Vukosavljevic
Trad. – Kosovo, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia;
Memo: Miodrag Vasiljevic
Trad. – Hungary
Trad. – Kosovo, Dragas village, Serbia;
Memo: Miodrag Vasiljevic
Trad. – Vranje, Serbia

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