Traditional music in the entire Balkan Peninsula has many peculiar characteristics. Its roots could be traced all the way back to ancient Greece thus echoing its forms and patterns across the centuries. A bridge between the Orient and the Occident, it has been influenced both by East and West and yet, it has kept its original spirit because of the rhythms and melodies that have remained closely linked with past performing practices and traditions. Lyrics, melodies and rhythms of this living folk tradition continue to pulsate as vibrantly as ever constantly creating new forms and shapes. This defines the beauty of the style and the number of ways in which it is expressed.
         Combining folk singing with full orchestral sound, Bilja Krstic and the Bistrik Orchestra have given a fresh lease to songs that have already had their stories told. This music, with its feeling, its atmosphere and intensity beaming across the Balkans is held together and presented under a huge, all-encompassing cap - the Tarposh. The songs rock in carriages, they run across fields, they smell of quince, they mourn the loss of the beloved. They are simple and yet difficult. They are luxurious and sweet just like Tarposh - the biggest female cap in the world that comes from this region, the cap still prominent in folk dresses of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Hungary.
         The music of Tarposh represents the complex tradition of the entire Balkan region, resulting in wonderful testimony of its music and rich history that transcend borders and divisions with their forces of promoting life and celebration together.
Tarpoš (Intuition)
Released: 2007
Trad. Bulgaria
Vinarce Village near Leskovac – South-east Serbia
Boljevac, Serbia; Arranged for three voices
A wedding song from the 19th century;
From Southeast Serbia.
Composer: K.Kotov; Bulgaria
A love song from the Hungarian Cangos tribe
Recorded in the village of Levosoje near Bujanovac, Serbia
A Greek love song from the island of Syphnos
An insrumental version of a Jewish song from Bosnia
A song from the Debar region in Western Macedonia
A song from Eastern Herzegovina

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