After almost two years of touring in our home country and abroad, we felt the need to record another set of songs that would fill the “Bistrik” album material up to usual 90 minutes.
         We considered it natural for the album to be recorded as a studio session, where each one of the songs would be played all-at-once, which means all together, just the way we do it in concerts, without any re-recordings and overdubs. That is the reason why the songs breathe with clarity and spontaneosity, regardless of the later producer treatment.
         As a bonus, we added some of the tracks for the movie “Zona Zamfirova”.
         With this album, we want to ring-around the first phase of our work.
Released: 2003
Trad. Vranje
Trad. Leskovac region
Trad. Bulgaria
Trad. Central Serbia and Macva;
Zapis: M. Vasiljevic
St.St.Mokranjac – XV rukovet, IV pesma
Trad. Macedonia
Trad. Macedonia
Ljuba Ninkovic
Trad. Serbia; Vranje
Trad. Serbia; Vranje

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