Europa Cantat 2015 - Pecs


Workshops Discovery Ateliers

Monday 27 July, 9:30 - 12:30

Serbian and Balkan Music

From the Original Source to Contemporary Arrangments

Leader of Discovery Atelier

Bilja Krstic

Asistent: Natasa Mihaljinac


Bilja Krstic & Bistrik orchestra

15.july 2015

Misic days

44. SOFEST, Sopot 11.july 2015


GRAND PRIX for music

Bilja Krstic & Miki Stanojevic

"Music composed for the film
The man who defended Gavrilo Princip is the example of how music
as an important element of counterpoint and managed
to fit into a complete movie experience." Jury

July is hot!

Bilja Krstic & Bistrik orchestra

04.july  "Ckicken fest" - Zitiste

15.july "Misic days" - Mionica

26.july Festival "EUROPA CANTAT" - Pecz (Hungaria)

31.july "Sabaor gadjasa" - Svrljig

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